Solar Grease

‘Solar Grease’ – The triptych is part of a larger body of work based on discarded materials. At first sight the triptych looks sumptuous and reminiscent of heavenly bodies but the impetus is taken from commercial used cooking fats; things are not always what they seem.

Solar Grease Mostyne Open

What Does a WOMAN have to do


10x8 front view kneeling


Dance WDAW

The work is a response to a sexual attack on an 89 year old woman by a male 25 years her junior. The attack took place in her home in what should have been the safe environment of Sheltered Housing. Not only was the woman not believed, her character was brought into focus.

Working with orange felt I created a diaphanous over garment with black felt applique of an all-pervasive male character. The text that covers the work is taken from communications with the Police and Sheltered Housing organisation.

As the statement that the woman gave to the police was belittled and her measured dialogue ultimately ignored. I was left wondering ‘What does a WOMAN have to o to be BELIEVED?’ and chose to record this alarming event through ART.

Work first shown at 35 Chapel Walk Gallery Sheffield ‘Fighting Talk’ part of Sheffield’s SheFest 2nd -15th March 2018  


What Does A Woman 9x12

Initial Design Work

WDAW Sketch book detal 2

The long process of making the garment

WDAW sB details 5



Appliqué work

WDAW detail 2

WDAW detail 1

Hand embroidery and machine stitching

WDAW Sketch book detail 1


Magnetic Elvis – Waste Embellishment 


Magnet Elvis for Print


Magnetic Elvis detail .jpg

Elvis detail 2

Canvas detail hand embroidery, gold leaf and digital printing





lf-exhibit-100-years-linda-1100-years-perspective100 YEARS – *The Sheet Glass Carriers  – The GlassBlower  –  *The Glass Tube Carrier

*Black and white images courtesy of the IWM (Imperial War Museum)  Right hand side image Left hand side image

The work has finally come together on exhibit at ‘The World of Glass’ St Helens in the Textile 21 Group exhibition ‘Light Fantastic’ which runs from the 3rd September  2016 until 4th November 2016. Many thanks to the gallery staff and in particular the curator  Hannah Longworth  and Niki The Glassblower my muse. I presented the curator and her team with a difficult task and they made an excellent job of hanging both ‘100 Years’ and ‘There But Not There -Glass Shadows’


Niki ‘The Glassblower’ my muse what a woman and of course me besides her.

There But Not There – Glass Shadows





There But Not There

A series of 3 pieces of work for a site-specific exhibition at ‘The World of Glass’, St Helens – ‘Light Fantastic’ with the group Textile 21.

The work looks at two aspects of glass; firstly its physical nature that allows it to be both seen through and also its ability to cast extraordinary shadows.

Initial work began in a photography darkroom using camera-less photography techniques, producing Photograms; as I felt this technique most clearly illustrated the idea concept of a material that was there but not there.

The second stage was to use the photograms as a blueprint for the 3 pieces of experimental textiles using layers of felt, printing medium, hand embroidery and pure gold and silver sheets.

glass shadows for Pilkingtons 1

Photogram of Glass Object – Design 1

8x6 second tumber design and final

Photogram Glass Objects – Design 2

8 x6 fusia glowing bottles

Given the PhotoShop treatment

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100 YEARS – The Glass Blower

The second aspect looks at two points in time over a hundred-year period where the central characters are women. The three pieces of work in this section are designed to visually interact with each other.

The central canvas is an image of a female glassblower within her workspace; the image is blurred as the furnaces and the molten glass visually fuse the image. The work is a combination of hand embroidery and digital print.

The silk chiffon printed work located on either side of the large canvas feature mono prints of woman working in Pilkington’s Glass works during the First World War. Women replaced male workers at this time and their work was skillfully carrier out. However with the men returning after the war recognition of their abilities were overlooked and they went back to a their lesser roles.

What I wanted from the triptych was the feel of energy generated by these strong and purposeful women set 100 years apart and recognition of how far we as a community have travelled.

glass blowing 100% rotated

100 Years – The Glassblower


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Christmas and Mid-Winter



Christmas card 2015 6x8

Muy Fragil – Christmas Card

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The idea for this year’s card had its beginnings in our friends’ apartment in Usera Madrid. They had recently acquired a kitten and had built a little cardboard hidy place for the kitten. The kitten in turn had pulled a little woolen toy over to the box and left the toy looking over into the void of the box.

The image has been montaged with other disparate Christmas items like deflated father Christmases etc. the textile element takes the idea of parcels and cardboard boxes a little further with the words ‘Muy Fragile’ embroidered on felt and the inside of the soft material card given the glitzy treatment with a bit of gold here and there.

The final touch for the recipient of the card is a bubble wrap coat with white string.

Happy Mid-Winter Festival to all